Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10 Minute Meetings

Just a raw idea- Came across this article discussing the importance of a 15 min. meeting with your team every day. It got me thinking how important a quick 10-15 min. morning meeting is to my class and culture. Wondering….would a quick 10 min. Mtg. with team leaders or staff every day empower teams, build a positive culture and improve communication? I'm also thinking of Todd Whitaker’s book, The 10 Minute Inservice Lesson. These short lessons improve teaching and student learning.

To physically get Ts in a short meeting might be tough- (another mtg.) but what if the principal did it online through an LMS? GHO? Skype? I'm a little biased, so I'm thinking Edmodo. He/she could sometimes conduct a live session and sometimes with a recording (flipped). What if there was an inspirational thought, a demonstration of a best practice, inspiring article, or another resource every day? Every other day? Would taking bite-sized pieces of information be better? Would that help educators to connect and to start forming a PLN? Would it open a door to get teachers reflecting, and interacting with others online? Would they feel freer to ask questions? Would it be a step to get them connected with other educators outside of the building (Twitter)?

I just barely read the article, and the ideas are spinning in my head. I don't know if "one more meeting would be good or bad". I can see the potential. I can see a morning meeting between a principal and staff or team leaders being productive and inspiring. I can see it potentially building in more collaboration. I can see the morning meeting being a way to keep everyone focused on a school mission and the shared vision. I can see it helping teachers to become more effective in their instruction.

Had to write my thoughts down- processing.