Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mini Makerspace

Last summer, I heard a lot about Makerspaces.  It was a new term for me.  Honestly, I'm still not sure what the difference is (if any) between a makerspace and giving time for kids to build, craft, invent, etc.   Actually having another room for a Makerspace, the library turned into a makerspace, or a 3-D printer is way off into the future.  I don't have any financial backing nor the space. My solution is to start small--very small.

I have plenty of "stuff" and a few plastic tubs. That's what I'll start with to get the kids being creative and creating something of their own.  I'm sure that when I ask parents to donate their "stuff" that I'll get plenty.  I don't have room to store it though. I hate the classroom to look "junky".

The school had a cart of laptops delivered recently and so I was able to get a huge box.  I used the box as a "hook" today and made it into a present for the class. Inside I just put the "mess" of maker stuff. It's driving the kids crazy!

"Ms. King, You're torturing us!" "Pleeeease let us open the box!"  "Why do we have to wait so long to open it?" Yup! Kids are hooked!

Today after lunch, I'll give them all afternoon to "play" with some electricity equipment and some Makeymakey kits that I was able to get from a generous grant from the Jordan Education Foundation.

This will be the second time for the kids to work with Makeymakey kits, but they haven't worked with the electricity equipment. Magnetism and Electricity is our new science unit.  I love this unit of study because it's completely hands-on and fun!

Here's the Animoto video from our first day of using Makeymakey kits.

Makeymakey Animoto Video

Post was written 12-17

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