Sunday, October 18, 2015

Measuring up!

I love my PLN! I've connected to the most amazing educators in the world and that's the truth! I'm genuinely happy about all of their successes. Without all of the doom/gloom and writing a depressing blog post, I can't help but wonder if I can ever measure up to them. I'm feeling way out of my league! Just a question- I'm not fishing for compliments! I'm honestly wondering what I have to offer. ??????


  1. Uh, hello, Sandy! Keep at it! As for writing, it comes in waves at times. The last few months I have been TERRIBLE about getting posts out. Partly because my work is drowning me and part because I just not feeling it. Maybe you can relate to one of those?
    Also, remember that blogging is for YOU, not us. Write as you see fit and topics, ideas and posts will be that much easier.
    Don't over think it and make sure its something you enjoy!
    Now get back to writing! (Insert wink =))

  2. LOL Thanks for the nudge Craig. I'd forgotten that this was even here. Didn't really intend to publish it- just a moment of feeling very inadequate in the sea of Twitter/Voxer experts and eduheroes doing AMAZING things for kids ALL the time.

  3. Your positive energy goes much further than you know Sandy!! Your uplifting posts, your affirmations, your enthusiasm for teaching is energizing to all those around you..especially me!! I'm amazed that a person I have not met in person inspires me as much as you do...Keep on doing what you do:)