Friday, April 1, 2016

Pooped Out Pioneers!

Being the one and only elementary class, in a 1:1 Chromebook setting, in my district, is wonderful...most of the time. I'm living my dream as a teacher! I love our blended learning classroom! I love not having to schedule time to be in a computer lab. We have access to the Internet and can search for answers for all of the questions that come up during the day. My students have enjoyed using technology to collaborate on projects, to communicate with each other online, to connect with peers outside of our classroom, and all of the other benefits that come with having a device at their fingertips. We have enjoyed learning together this year!

We Are Pioneers!

But, our journey hasn't been smooth! We've experienced barrier after barrier (mostly from being blocked) and pressed forward. 

So I'm wondering...did the pioneers ever sit on the trail and say, "We're pooped!"? 

I'm from Utah with a rich pioneer heritage. Those pioneers may have rested for short periods of time, but they had to keep moving. They had to work together. They had to have faith that their journey would benefit others following their lead. The first pioneers blazed a trail so that it would be easier for the next wagon train or handcart company. 

As I reflect on our pioneering journey, I think of all the stories that my kids will be able to tell their children and grandchildren. Chromebooks by then will be nonexistent, collectibles, maybe hard to find except for in an antique store, and most assuredly covered with a layer of dust. I hope that there will still be a way to access their blog posts and digital creations. I hope that our story will someday be a funny family story. 

We're off-track now. We needed the time to rejuvenate! In a couple of weeks, we'll come back stronger and ready to continue our journey. We have so much more to learn!

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