Saturday, June 11, 2016

Zombie Science- Surviving the Last Day of School!


Kids were lined up ready to come in the room. I cracked open the classroom door and pressed the button on the fog machine. Someone screamed! (Sometimes being in a portable is really an advantage.) The room was dark and only lit by black lights. I also had a camouflage curtain at the door so the kids couldn't see into our room. A few more spurts of fog set the mood...and heightened their curiosity. And then....I came out on our little balcony! Kids tentatively came into our classroom. Hee Hee Hee I didn't have the whole room decorated, but I did have a table of potions, jars of eyeballs, brains, and rats at the entrance. Spooky music was playing in the background. Kids were deliciously surprised and happy that they had come to school on the last day.

The first activity was to experiment and create the perfect recipe for fake blood. Each team had a tray of science equipment and a variety of supplies. (ketchup, cocoa powder, shampoo, Karo syrup, food coloring, chocolate syrup, and cornstarch) After making some blood, we went and haunted the office, the lunch ladies, the media center and a few other classes who were also ending the year.

Other activities during the day included making different kinds of slime and ice cream. We washed up before lunch and afterward had our class drawings and other celebrations. Since we only had a 1/2 day, we didn't have time to do everything. (I had purposefully over planned.)

It was a fun last day of school!

That's the highlight reel! "Great Teacher Ends the School Year with a Bang Instead of a Fizzle!"

Truth- I was exhausted! The last week of school is packed with activities and the responsibility of completing report cards and paperwork. I was functioning on basically no sleep. I ALMOST opted for the easier route of showing a movie like many others. But as I hurried out of the door, I paused to check the Voxes from my tribe. I played two, and it was enough. There was no way that I could live with myself or face my PLN by opting for easy. I never have. I couldn't do it now. Inspired to keep going, I took a deep breath and told myself just to push through the day and make it a memorable experience for my kiddos. I'm glad that I did!

Not everything went perfectly! In fact, I only had about 7 minutes to get dressed! I basically just slapped make-up on and ratted my hair a bit. I wanted to do more...just didn't have time. I leaned on my teaching experience to get me through the day. I didn't have time to do all that I wanted to do for the kids. I didn't get all of the thank-you notes written. (I'm still working on those and will have to mail them.) I should have planned better earlier. But, I didn't. Considering everything, I'm just happy that I survived the last day of school!

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