Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Too Good to Start a Revolution!

Today my team dressed up as a royal court of queens (cousins to King George III) and thanked our colonists for paying their taxes.  We thanked them for being loyal and paying without resisting. All three of us wore many "jewels" and expressed our desire to have more. We encouraged the colonists to keep paying their taxes. Our message went right over their heads! I have no one that's even upset in the slightest way to pay taxes without any representation.

This year I'm feeling that my class is just "too good to start a revolution"! They are cheering for the King throughout the day by saying, "Long Live King George III!". No amount of taxes have caused them to stop and think about why they are paying. The taxes keep getting higher. Some students are running out of money. But they still pay without the slightest complaint. The only sign of frustration that I've seen is when I accused some kids of having a secret meeting and of talking badly about King George III. Tomorrow I will have to frustrate them even more!

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