Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Radio Show? Me? Are You Kidding?

Since I've been off-track, I've tried to participate in some education chats on Twitter that I usually don't get the opportunity to join. Last Tuesday, I joined #edchat a little late and because I saw the tweet of someone that I knew and responded. I'd forgotten about the chat. It was a lively discussion with all kinds of opinions about what's considered innovative and what's not.

At the end of the chat, I received a tweet from Nancy Blair telling me to check my DM (direct messages). She asked me if I'd like to be a guest for Edchat radio.

Radio Show? Me? Are You Kidding?

I'm not an edustar, an author, a highly sought after speaker or someone in the spotlight with a lot to say. No, I'm the person that is self-conscious about having a conversation. I've always been one to listen more than talk. I don't think I'm shy, but I am a quieter person until you get to know me.

As politely as I could, I told Nancy that she was asking me to go waaay out of my comfort zone and that perhaps down the road, I'd feel more confident.

Then, I reached out to a PLN member that I trust and knew had been put in the public spotlight. I asked where the courage came from to be in the public eye. Through the course of the conversation, he said, "Tell your students how you took a risk and did something completely out of your comfort zone! You know they'd be so proud!"

That's all that it took! Instantly, I realized that I had to do this!  I could not be a hypocrite by telling my students to take a risk and then not do it myself! I couldn't breathe! I sent a direct message to Nancy telling her that I was willing if she still needed a guest. It was hard to click the send button! I took a deep breath...and didn't look back. From there, it was just a matter of learning the details of how the show worked.

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat (which is a good thing). I couldn't concentrate on anything else. What had I just agreed to? So, I turned to my kids. We're off-track. I was glad that through Edmodo that I could still reach out for their advice.

The time came for "the phone call" and surprisingly, I was pretty calm considering. The producer connected me to Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair before "the show". Both of them were so kind. I was a little star-struck. I honestly don't remember the conversation. I don't think I answered the questions. My responses were somewhere between anticipated questions and the answers I thought I could give and the real thing. It was over before I knew it. It was actually kind of fun! Tom and Nancy were the ultimate hosts.

For the last week, I've sweated it out. Did I ruin the whole show? Did I even have an answer for the questions? I knew they weren't intelligent answers because I couldn't remember the conversation! I was just hoping that I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself!

Earlier tonight during #5thchat, I received a tweet with a link to the show. I held my breath!

Honestly, it's not the best podcast I've ever heard (referring to me). But, it's also not the worst. Through the magic of editing, it turned out okay. I'm forever grateful to Tom and Nancy for carrying the responsibility of the show. I'll chalk it up as a learning experience! Next time, (if there is a next time) I'll be a little more prepared.

The best part of this whole experience is that I was able to have a fun conversation with Tom Whitby after the show was made public. He is a leader, role model, and innovator that I admire.

The second best thing is that I conquered another fear and am better for it! I feel confident in telling my kids to take risks, to get out of their comfort zones, and to have a growth mindset.


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  1. Congratulations! I love the way you polled your students prior to the experience.

    I had the same reaction last year when they contacted me about doing the show! I wrote down ideas for days to try to prepare. In the same way, they did a great job of editing and it turned out okay.

    Great example about how the fear of something turns out to be worse than the thing itself!