Monday, January 4, 2016

Age of Accountability- Beginning

Recently, I connected with Daniel Bauer @_BetterSchools through #leadupchat . Over the weekend, I had a chance to check out his website. It is AMAZING! I read some of his resources and listened to a few of his podcasts. I've learned soooo much!

One thing that I loved was the 6x6 strategy for goals. Basically, it's complete six goals in six weeks. I thought what better way to track my progress and stay focused on my one word?

Here are my 6x6 goals. Due date February 12, 2016
  1. Write 6 blog posts.
  2. Read 5 professional books.
  3. Exercise at least 3-4 times a week.
  4. 5-minute Journal
  5. One Thank-You each day
  6. Organize physical space (home, yard, classroom) 15 min. week

The other tidbit that I loved was the 5-minute journal.

1. Start with "I am grateful for __________" Name 3 things.
2. What would make today great? Name 3 things.
3. Write an affirmation.
4. At night- Write something amazing that happened. Name 3 things.
5. Answer: How could I have made today better?

Today as I was organizing things, I came across a leather journal that was given to me when I was the speaker for the Jordan Education Foundation. Perfect!

Along with my goals and journal, I'm adding in a strategy by Tony Robbins. I actually used to do this instinctively during a time in my life when I felt my very best.
  • Wake up early and with energy. (Pop out of bed) This is easy! I'm an early bird!
  • Exercise. (This used to be so easy! Now it's a challenge.) 
  • Say an affirmation. (I used to do this while exercising.) *
  • Breathe (3 breaths in 3 breaths out) This is new to me in the way he explains it.
  • Meditate- (For me this is more about prayer/scripture study/writing in my journal.
*I often play music and say affirmations before I start the school day. It helps me to get pumped up and ready to go before the kids walk in, and we begin the day.

I'm off to a great start! Hope my PLN holds me accountable!

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  1. Affirmations are easy to overlook, yet so powerful! I hope you will continue to write about your experiences with your goals/strategies!