Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brain Candy!

I'm finally caught up in my #leadupnow Voxer group! Of all the weeks to not be on social media at all, I picked a doosey! There was so much that happened while I was away! I'm still not caught up on the blogs and Twitter, but I'll get there.

It took me several hours to catch up and the whole time, I was just thinking of this PLN Voxer group being brain candy!

I'm usually impressed with all of the great insights from my PLN. Honestly, there have been some discussions that have just blown me away. Every day is a treat! But this past week was special. Maybe it was a blessing to get behind because I was able to savor every tidbit of sweetness, replay, take notes, and pause to reflect on my thinking.

I'm making a sketchnote of all of the greatness from this week. But, for this blog post, I want to share a couple of highlights.

The topic was Friction-

First of all, this was a week of quotable quotes and metaphors! One minute I was geeking out with my love of science and the next, I was learning a music lesson! I loved it! I'm not an accomplished musician, but I do (or did at one time) play the piano. While listening, I was laughing out loud one minute and in deep self reflection the next. I was touched, inspired, and moved. The resources, pictures, and thoughts are treasures. I've starred almost every Vox!

What I'm happiest about is that #leadupchat is expanding and is starting another Voxer group to include anyone that wants to join.  This will be such a great opportunity to connect with more like-minded educators and learn even more! I'm so grateful for this tribe. I missed them this week.

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