Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Kissing" in 5th Grade Science

Any time that I can "mess with" or challenge my students' thinking in a fun way, I do. There is a science experiment called, "Pink Kisses". It's a fun experiment to show a chemical reaction. To start the day, I announced that we'd be learning to kiss in science.

The idea of kissing in 5th grade had mixed reactions. I was a little surprised by some boys that were completely delighted with the idea. (I do have really cute girls in my class!) I decided to video the kids sharing their thoughts about their first kiss.

 I gave the kids some mints to freshen their breath and offered them a little lip balm if they wanted to soften their lips. Then I had two volunteers face each other to demonstrate how to kiss. By now, hearts were beating pretty fast! The boy starts by politely saying, "May I kiss you?" The girl politely responds by saying, "Yes, let's kiss."

Once I know the class is more than a little nervous, I hand my volunteers a test tube and show them how to "kiss" in science for this experiment. There are audible sighs of relief!

A KISS= Use a pipette to transfer the clear liquid from your test tube to the other person's test tube. They use a pipette to transfer some of their clear liquid from their test tube to yours. The exchange is called a "kiss".

 Here are pictures of the kids mingling and "kissing" each other.

 After everyone has "kissed" two people. I informed the kids that one of them had a terrible cold and transferred their "bug" to the people that he/she kissed.  I use phenolphthalein, which is an acid/base indicator, to see who became infected from the cold. The liquid turns a bright pink to show the kids who became infected.

Preparation before the kids do this experiment: Fill the test tubes 3/4 full of water. Fill one test tube with sodium hydroxide with an equal amount so that it blends in with the test tubes filled with water.

This is a simple experiment and you can get the supplies easily from a science or drug store. For my class, it was just "one of Ms. King's tricks"!

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