Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring Tea


 The Spring "Tea" is one of the few activities that I've done every year since I started teaching. It's a great PR builder and a chance for the kids to dress-up and practice their manners. Moms transform the classroom into a classy restaurant while I do another simple activity with the kids in another part of the school. Every year is a little different and the parents always surprise me with their creativity. 

A couple of days before the Spring Tea, I have my class practice the procedures. It gives me a chance to address any of the issues that are sure to arise like not wanting to touch each other. I keep the instructions light and talk about manners using humor. Kids complain outwardly a little bit, but I always find out from moms that there is a lot of primping the morning of the big day.

The kids always shine! They are very mannerly and have a good time. I've never once had someone not enjoy the activity.  

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